Seven Days in League: Is this the worst footy injury ever?

Seven Days in League: Is this the worst footy injury ever? BLOOD AND BONE: A graphic picture of the injury Sam Keenan suffered playing against Cessnock. He played on for a few tackles before realising he had a problem.

OUCH: Robbie O’Davis

OUCH: Steve Simpson

TweetFacebookTHURSDAYJUST when the NRL’s whistle-blowers thought they didn’t have a friend in the world, kindly Cronulla coach Shane Flanagan offers some moral support.

“I think that department isdoingitsbest,”Flanagansays in the lead-up to his team’s clash with Brisbane. He adds that teams “need to be good enough to get the win considering the decisionsandtake therefereesout of it”.

Just 24 hours later he’s singing a different tune after the Sharkies suffer a 12-10 loss to the Broncos at Suncorp Stadium.

“It was a couple of decisions in my book [that cost us],” he says. “There was just too many of them … that is a concern for the game. Thatrefereeingstandard tonight wasn’t up to scratch.”

Poor old Flanno. Figured he’d earn a few cheap penaltiesby buttering the refs up, but they didn’t fall for his dummy.

OUCH: Matt Hilder

Anyway, it’s good to see nobody is blaming Sharks halfback Chad Townsend.

Sure, he missed a crucialconversion attemptfrom right next to the posts, but there’s no need to point any fingers at him. Not when the match officials make such convenient scapegoats.

FRIDAYMY learned colleague Josh Callinan is emailed a picture of the gruesome injuryWests Rosellas fullback Sam Keenan suffered playing last weekend.

It’s an enormous slice right down the side of his left shin, whichneeded 30 stitches to close.

I immediately assume he must have been playing against Central Newcastle, and one of the Butcher Boys took a meat cleaver or carving knife onto the field.

But, no, the opponents were Cessnock. Jeez, some of those Goannas must have sharp claws.

OUCH: Mitchell Pearce

As we examine the photo, it sparks debate aboutwhether it’s the worst footy wound we’ve ever seen.

The general consensus is it deserves toat least be in the semi-finals, along with the busted beaks suffered by Robbie O’Davis and Steve Simpson, and the 20-centimetre gash Matt Hilder copped on the top of his melon.

It took 25 staples to patch the fearless Hilder up. He insisted on playing in Newcastle’s next game, and split himself open again with one of his first tackles.

Meanwhile, up in Townsville, Mitchell Pearceemulates his heroic Knights forebears by sheddingblood for the cause, but it’s to no avail as Newcastleare gunned down 20-18 by the Cows.

SATURDAYCAN things get any worse for Parramatta?

Languishing last on the ladder, the Eels let slip an 18-6 half-time lead to capitulate 26-20 against the Bunnies.

Adding to their woes, reports surface thatEels officials have called in an infection prevention-and-control unit in a bid to contain a boil epidemic, which has already claimed at least three victims.

According to NRL出售老域名: “Boils can occur as a result of poor hygiene and is often the result of a germ entering the body through tiny nicks [cuts or hair follicles].”

Yuck. How gross.

It reminds me of a long-retired Knights player, who almost missed a game because of an infected boil right where the sun don’t shine.

A report at the time stated: “It had to be lancedandit wasn’t until yesterday that he was cleared to play. Even then, he was running somewhat gingerly at training.”

Legend has it that, earlier in the week, Newcastle’s then coach was asked how the aforementioned player was recovering.

“He’s at the dabbing stage,” was the reply.

With regards toParramatta, one wag suggests a dose of boils is the only thing they’ve caught this season.

SUNDAYLAST I heard of Ben Kennedy, he was giving away free burritos at the opening of his Mexican restaurant in Hamilton.

Today the former Knights grand final hero finds his name in the news pages of the Sunday Telegraph after a bizarre incident in Sydney.

BK is due to face court after pleading guilty to illegally entering the government’s high-­security sniffer-dog headquarters near Sydney Airport, after a State of Origin function.

He is reported to have wandered into the Australian Border Force’s Detector Dog base in Banksmeadow before 4am on June 3 and couldn’t get out.

Disorientated and wearing only shorts and thongs, hesmashed the window of a government-owned Toyota Hi-Lux to get in and escape the cold.

Photos of the compound, which is surrounded by 2.5-metre high barbed-wire and spiked fences, raise the question of how he obtained entry.

“He’s Ben Kennedy,” one of my colleagues observes. “He could run through brick walls.”

His lawyer explains that medication BK has been taking created an adverse reaction with the “couple of schooners” he consumed.

It’s a reminder that, in rugby league,factis often stranger than fiction.

MONDAYFORMER Balmain coach AlanJones is livid after being replaced on the Immortals’ selection panel by NRLchief executive Todd Greenberg.

“I have been given the shaft and Todd Greenberg the gold mine,” Jones tweets, adding that the NRL have “wasted an hour of my time”.

Hmmm. Surelythe real question is not so much why Jones has been dumped, as why anyone wanted him on the panel in the first place.

TUESDAYTHE oldest man to debut for the Knights, Chris Heighington, announces he will hang them upat season’s end. Retirement has been looming for Heighno since he sat out a training session earlier in the year and explained: “Just giving theoldfellaa rest.”

Here’s hopingthe old fella gets through the last five games of a magnificent career in sound working order.

WEDNESDAYJOHN Hopoate is reportedly facing a two-year banafter his chaotic comeback forNarraweena Hawks against Forestville Ferrets.

The consensus is that the 44-year-old is facing his 15th career-ending suspension, but Hoppa’srecord suggests it would be a game man to write him off.

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